10 Excellent Reasons

1. Bainton Road Nursery received an Outstanding Ofsted Report in 2018

2. The Nursery has wonderful staff who care for each child as an individual and who are committed to getting to know them. We area committed to having an excellent staff:children ratio which means the children get a high level of attention.

3. We are a small nursery, and the result is a uniquely family-like atmosphere. The children and staff care about each other, and know each other very well indeed.

4. We aim to tailor every single activity to match the interests of the children at different stages of their development. We strive to operate in-the-moment-planning based on the individual child’s interest and learning style.

5. The children are taught mutual respect and kindness, not just the usual ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. We are committed to implementing ‘Golden’ values.

6. Bainton Road Nursery is situated in beautiful premises in leafy North Oxford, with a wonderful bespoke indoor space which offers easy free-flow acess into our secluded spacious garden.

7. The Nursery provides a huge array of high-standard toys corresponding to the children’s different interests. Aspects of Regio and Montessori approaches have been combined to provide a stimulating yet relaxing environment for the children to develop and grow.

8. We believe in a very gentle introduction and settling-in process for new children based on the need of each individual child and their family.

9. We know that communication with parents is extremely important, which is why we have daily hand-over charts and give verbal feedback. In addition, our parents appreciate the weekly bulletins detailing the children’s activities over the course of the week that we provide.

10. On a weekly basis parents receive suggestions to link up with the children’s current activitiesat nursery. A ‘weekend’ book allows parents to note what the children are doing outside nursery too, so that the staff can respond to that in their planning.